The question is not not insignificant because the seasons and their characteristics are marked in Vietnam ! Even if everything is possible, take the time to think about the period the more adapted to the type of stay envisaged, to the targeted areas, to your modes of transport, depending on your tolerance to cold or heat, etc. Remember that the weather can also be different depending on the regions visited, but in In any case, Vietnam can be discovered in all seasons, it is even interesting to go back to a different period to see new ones veneers!

Vietnam's climate
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There are four seasons in the North: December, January, February are cold months, remember to equip yourself accordingly for about fifteen degrees! June and July are very hot and rains can be heavy and frequent: plastic ponchos are welcome! August and September: temperatures soften, rains ease. If you can choose March to May or October-November, it's ideal.

In the Centre: the hot months are the same, June and July, but there are heavy rainfall in October and November. Think about rain gear! Temperatures remain rather mild. December to May: a long and pleasant period! You can add August and September.

In the South: the months of June to October are the hottest and humidest but it is still bearable, rains at this time but nothing that will stop you from crawling on Vietnamese roads! In fact, there are two seasons in the South: dry season or rainy season.

In short, we advise you in priority the months corresponding to winter and spring in France. Plan warmer clothing for November, December, January in the North. The other months, there is nothing to prevent the trip, but you will have to face higher temperatures and rains in June and July in the North and Centre, with flood risks that can make some roads impassable. The wet season in the South lasts from June to October, it is hot and rainy but without preventing traffic, the rainfall does not last long.

We are at If you have any questions regarding the choice of your period of time, please do not hesitate to contact us. travel: some people are looking for a tropical climate, others are looking for a tropical climate prefer softness and a little freshness! Finally, the climate varies greatly depending on the region, there is no ideal period everywhere.