The Lang Toi-My Village show: wow!

The show Lang Toi

At the moment, it is possible to attend the Lang Toi show, which I will remember for a long time to come.

A fabulous show scene

On the one hand, the performance of My Village takes place in the magnificent Hanoi Opera House, a very beautiful building that was completed in 1910, during the French Indochina period. After a warm welcome and a check of the tickets, a drink is offered before entering the premises. What can I say... in front of this theatre where red, white and gold mingle, a dome decorated with clouds, boxes, a pit for musicians... We remain speechless! A French-style theatre in Asia! We hear "wow", "wow", "wow", "wow", the cameras are out of the bags and we start to build up beautiful images of the evening, even before the show starts.

A true musical creation

About the "oohs" and "aah" is the name given to the categories of seats offered to spectators. I was lucky enough to be able to access the flowerbed, a place central in front, quite close to the musicians who master the traditional Vietnamese instruments, string, wind and percussion instruments: they are an important part of the success of this show, congratulations to them! If you you are interested in traditional musical instruments, know that you will see in Vietnam instruments whose functioning is atypical, or even unique. A professional clarinet player friend told me about it, it's really very interesting to discover their particularities. And of course their sound is very atypical too, strange, awakening emotions in a way unexpected. We are in turn surprised, rocked, our hearts tight, happy... the songs and the music of the show are already in itself a success because they make us in the history of this Vietnamese village by closing the eyes.

Breathtaking: the artists' game

Let us now consider the share that goes to circus actors and artists. They are beautiful, charismatic, funny and master their art with poetry and pleasure. The staging is original and poetic, serving to promote the village traditions of the North.

Indeed, the Lang Toi-My village show is based on the use of giant bamboo poles, an essential material for the life of the villagers for the construction, the transport of water and, in general, an aid to daily life in many tasks! These poles are alternately erected, tied, laid down, assembled to serve both as decoration and structure for the artists' acrobatics. In a jiffy, a cage becomes a hill, which becomes a staircase and then a communal! And it twirls, it climbs, it flies, it twists and turns...

The whole thing is very well done, alternating slow and fast rhythms, we don't see time passing, and we would like it to stop, this time! A great bravo for the scenography, I love the transparency games with the canisses, the subtle lighting that highlights the solos of the singers and musicians, but also the group scenes where the action is everywhere at once!

But all beautiful things have an end, and if you are hungry for beautiful things, you can only be transported by this show that finds a legitimate place here, a little jewel in the red and gold case of the Hanoi opera.

Book for the Lang Toi show?

 There is a site to book your tickets and pay online, the price varies according to the location, but I paid 1 150 000 VND or about 47€. The outboard seats are at 700,000 VND. It starts at 6pm, however I advise you to come earlier to enjoy the place, sip the welcome drink, take pictures. A car taxi from old Hanoi will cost you 30 000 VND if you are rather north of old Hanoi, do not hesitate to ask the driver for the price before boarding. If it rains, fares rise because taxis are in high demand...count rather 50 000 VND depending on the distance from the Opera House.

Suggestions for the late evening.

First, admire the lights and buildings of the district and walk to the Hotel Métropole, a landmark of Hanoian life. The charm of its ventilated terrace, the interior decorations: we plunge back into the city's colonial past! The shores of Lake Hoan Kiem are close, pass in front of the statue of Li Thaï Tho, I find it even more beautiful at night! Then go around the lake to the right to reach old Hanoi and enjoy the vesperal life here: women at their collective dance classes, shopkeepers and tourists who share the road with the vehicles.

Then, I like to stop at the "Highlands coffee" (a Vietnamese coffee chain), for an air-conditioned break, look at the pictures of the day, take a few notes and let yourself time to get back on the ground after a magnificent show... A small green tea cheesecake accompanied by a coffee or a very sen vàng, in a cocoon atmosphere... A wide choice of rather particular drinks, that's why we like to let ourselves be surprised a little... and it's good!

Do you want some more?

In addition to the Lang Toi-My Village show, Lune Production also offers impressive shows such as Teh Dar on the culture of the central highlands, A O Show, Frost, Palao. In Hanoi, Hoi An or Saigon.

Also exotic, beautiful and exciting that his older brothers and sisters, Teh Dar remains faithful to the history of Vietnamese life and its cultural values. All this lives on as the circle of life turns, as does the meaning of "Teh Dar" in many Vietnamese ethnic languages: "go in a circle".

Teh Dar. Performances at the Sai Gon Theatre

Teh Dar follows the initially successful concept of A O Show. This time, the ambitious creators take us into a world of "higher" sensations: the enchanting world of Vietnamese mountain people. Indeed, unpublished stories sung in the depths of the forests, hummed in treacherous mountains and whispered around the tribal flames for generations, are now taking on a vibrant life form on stage. And we keep our promises! Breathtaking bamboo circus performances, daring acrobatics and live music from tribal instruments will enchant you with the sight of mountain conquerors, wild matings and captivating creatures from Vietnam's folklore.

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  1. I confirm. That's really very, very good. I had the chance to attend the Teh Dar show. This has helped me a lot to better understand the Ede, Mnong ethnic groups.

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